CEO's Greeting

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Company Consider a Top Priority Customer Value.

CEO's Greeting

INPACKGLOBAL CO., LTD. a Leading Logistics and Packaging Company in the 21st Century.

Are you concerned about efficient export packaging?
You can find optimum solutions with INPACKGLOBAL.
INPACK GLOBAL has been walking side by side as partners to many companies since its foundation.
We satisfy customer needs by always developing new and innovative packing logistics solutions.
We keep our promises by providing efficient customized packing and continue to develop ways to change the packing and logistics industry.
We commit to do our best to strengthen the competitiveness of your company through supply chain management.
INPACKGLOBAL is your best partner in maximizing profits while helping you leave an impression with customers.
CEO Park Young Seok
  • Company Name : INPACKGLOBAL CO.,LTD.CEO : Park Young SeokBusiness Number : 609-81-69988
  • Address : 59, Hagye-ro 138beon-gil, Jinyeong-eup, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of KoreaTel : +82-55-298-2623Fax : +82-55-298-2924E-mail :
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